6th Glengarry 2011-2012

READ THIS IF YOU WANT MORE MONEY THAN THE SCHOOL WILL OFFER YOU FOR YOUR OLD TEXTBOOKS. Trying to sell your text books back to the stores is useless, most of the time they won’t even buy the textbooks off you. They’ll offer you 25% of the used book price if the book is in demand at another store; and 50% if there store needs the book (this only happen when the store runs out of the textbook that is in demand).This means best case scenario you’ll get 50% of the price you paid for you book (this is highly unlikely). I have set up a site for first year students next year to buy our books. I will get you 55-60% of the used price for your textbook. There is no guarantee that your text book will be sold but I will be advertising the site all through frosh week and a lot of them will most likely be sold. If I sell your text book I will contact you immediately to give you your money. If I don’t sell your textbook it will be returned to you after the first couple of weeks of school. The earlier you notify me you want me to sell your textbooks the higher the chance your textbook will be sold because of first in first out. I can collect your textbook from you as soon as you inform me as long as it’s before April 17th. If you need your text books for your exams now that’s no problem as long as you will be able to get them to me near prince of whales drive in august; you’ll have to send me a picture or let me take a picture of your textbook though just to keep the site updated properly . I am not able to sell your textbook if I don’t have it. I will offer you 55-60% of the price of your textbook upon the sale of your text book!
Much more convenient than selling your textbooks with posters around the school!
Get way more money than you would ever get selling your textbooks back to the school!
Check out the site in progress at dangooddeals.ca! Contact me ASAP by text if you’re interested (613)697-1119
[email protected]