- confidential issues raised should remain confidential.
No humiliation
– sensitive, honest openness, appropriate self-disclosure (brief).
Keeping an open mind
– be prepared to change old patterns.
Active listening
– really listen to what an individual is planning to do by checking out your understanding of how they will do this until you have a clear picture in your mind. Then check out whether or not it would bring about them achieving their goals.
No discounting
– discounting of self and others to be discouraged by all e.g. use silence to allow another member of the team time to think for themselves. Don't immediately leap in with your suggestions. Rescuing in this way is a discount of the other person's ability to think for themselves. Give the other person time to work it out for themselves first and watch them grow!
Inspiration and support to success
– Consultants need to contribute to the team in the spirit of inspiring and supporting each other to succeed. This is the framework that all other rules are bound by.