Collie Rescue Network

Collie Rescue Network is a Canadian Collie rescue group dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of Rough and Smooth Collies in need across Canada.

If you are crossposting dogs please note that this page is for the Collie Rescue Network and we are a breed specific rescue working with Rough and Smooth Collies. If you see a singlebreed Rough/Smooth Collie in a shelter please let us know (and also please make sure to let the closest rescue know!) While most of the members here have breeds they love besides Rough/Smooth Collies and we would love to be able to save every dog the focus of this page, and the rescue group itself, is the rescue and rehoming of the Rough/Smooth Collie breed so we ask that you only post the breed this rescue page is dedicated to working with. Thanks for your understanding.

Just a reminder that we don't allow posts from Craig's List or Kijiji or other media, on this rescue page of people selling or rehoming their dogs. If you see an ad where someone is rehoming their Rough/Smooth Collie, please let the closest Collie Rescue know by email or PM. In Canada you can email me at [email protected] or PM me. In the US you can find the closest Collie rescue at

Note: It is NOT okay to advertise your business here unless you have specifically spoken to Jennifer at [email protected] Please understand that we are a rescue and there are several businesses and artisans who donate their time, their goods and their services to help the Collies in rescue with Collie Rescue Network. As a rescue, one of the only ways we have to say thank you to those who donate to CRN is to promote their works, websites, etc., on our Facebook page and our website. It would be unfair to allow businesses and such to advertise on our site if there is no relationship between the business and the rescue. If you have questions about this, please email Jennifer at [email protected] We always welcome donations of goods and services for the rescue dogs and would be happy to work with you and promote your business as a very grateful Thank You!


For dogs in need and general rescue things: [email protected]

For adoption information: [email protected]