Lewisville / Flower Mound Exchange Group

* This is a local lewisville/ flower mound exchange group garage sale/buy/trade group. Those in other areas are welcome to buy/sell/trade here, but please understand that you will need to meet in lewisville / flower mound exhange group to complete your deals. If you live outside of lewisville / flower mound area, and are not willing to come here, it would be better for you to look for other buy/sell/trade groups in your local area. You can do this by searching your town’s name in the FB search tool and using the ‘group’ filter. We do not promote, nor allow other group’s advertisement/links to be shared in our group for spamming purposes.

* L/ FM ex. group and its admins are not responsible for deals made on this group. Comments/actions by others do not represent the admins or the spirit of L/ FM ex. group functionality as a whole. Admins are simply put in place to help manage the group and enforce group rules. All deals and transactions are the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller. Buy, sell, and trade at your own risk.

*If you come here to sell something for someone who has been banned, you will get banned too. If someone is banned, it was for a reason and we don't want our members having to deal with that person.

* Flaming of admins and members, fighting, or foul language will result in you being banned without notice/question.

* Threatening behavior of ANY kind, will be reported to law enforcement officials immediately and will not be taken lightly.

* L/ FM ex. Group is an open group in FB and non-members can see all posts – including comments. As a result, PM(private message) your phone numbers and addresses to buyers/sellers. Anyone on your friends list will also see posts and comments from you.

* Do not post links to other sites or groups.

* L/ FM ex. group reserves the right to limit membership, approve memberships, reject membership requests, revoke membership, delete and ban members at any time for any reason without notice. Members need to be over the age of 16.

*Tagging is an effective means to get the attention of a buyer/seller. However, unsolicited tagging is not allowed. (Meaning: you notice people buying a certain type or size of item and then tag them in your post.) You will be banned from L/ FM ex. group for unsolicited tagging.

*Please do not list Garage Sales on this Newsfeed of the group. You are more than welcome to add an Event to the group page to list your garage sale, but DO NOT invite the members without solicitation.


* Post photos with full descriptions of any items you wish to sell or trade. Full description includes; color, size, measurements, and price. Posting can be done from a mobile phone or a computer. Keep in mind that if you post from a mobile phone, you will not always find your item using the group search tool. You must fully disclose any defects (examples are stains, holes, rips or tears).
* Please limit yourself to posting (and bumping) only 10 items per 12 hour period. This helps prevent flooding the group page.
*Put a price with everything you list as soon as you list it. This is not ebay, so we do not want to see "Make offer". It causes confusion on who was first (if they offered less than you wanted). You can accept less than you wanted, but you need to have some idea of what you want, and post it. If you lower the price of your with a buyer, then you will need to keep the deal. You cannot accept higher offers or original asking price. Bidding isn’t allowed.

*No hijacking other posts!! Do not post on another seller’s post, asking/telling interested parties of your type of item. This interferes with the seller’s post, if their first buyer backs out, then the next person is line is up. Please post a picture and start the post. Asking first just bumps other posts down only to have you post it anyway. Pictures must be posted for each item you are wanting to sell. For sale posts without a photo will be deleted.

* Do not instruct buyers to PM you, text or call you if they want to buy. All negotiations are to take place on original posting. It is your responsibility to track your post and the transaction.

* Any items you would find at a local yard sale are welcome. No intangible items or offering of services, no property, or animals.

* Posting of handmade crafts and other crafts of any kind are limited to items that are finished and ready to sell (no examples). Items that have to be special ordered/made, customized or personalized are prohibited and subject to deletion. Admins will notify you via your messages if you are in violation. Continuous violation will result in being banned from L/ FM ex. group.

* No “rated R”, adult, racist, or illegal items allowed.

* No business advertisements allowed. Items your business sells are allowed, however, no mentioning of your business name allowed in posting on group wall.

* When posting multiple items that are similar in style, but maybe different color, please group items into one photo or post photos into one single album. This prevents “flooding” of the group wall and allows all members who are selling to have their item seen. Continuous violation will result in being banned from L/ FM ex. group.

* Because of the size of the group, it is easy for your item to make it quickly to the bottom of the page.

* Posts/photos that have had no activity for 1+ week will be deleted by an admin only in an effort to keep the number of photos to a minimum.

* A buyer will claim your item by stating “want” or “I’ll take it”. Once that happens, please address the buyer by saying “sold to (insert name)” and either state that you will PM them for finalization or ask them to PM you. If the first buyer backs out, please go in order to the next person who wanted it. Do not skip over anyone.

* Once pickup/delivery has been arranged, add the comment “SOLD PPU” (pending pick up) to your photo/post.

* Once your item(s) has sold and picked up/delivered, please delete the photo immediately. To do this, you will need to display the entire post on your screen, choose options (lower right hand corner of photo), and choose ‘remove photo’. If you run into any problems deleting, please contact an admin for assistance.

* Notify an admin any "no-show" buyers and they will be added to the “no-show” list. After 3 "no-shows", the offending person will be banned from trading on this group.


* To claim an item, comment on the post by simply stating “want” or “I’ll take it”. If you need additional info on an item, it is best to comment with “want but could you tell me (missing information)”. An interest in the item does not communicate that you want to buy. Therefore, any comments showing a “want” will trump your interest. Interested does not = want.

* If you tell someone you want their item, this is a commitment to buy. It is understandable to change your mind, however, please notify the seller so they can offer it to the next person in line. “No showing” a seller will result in being added to a “no show” list. After 3 "no-shows", you will be banned from trading on this group. Please remember this when you are committing to buy items!


* Negotiating is allowed, however, all negotiations are to take place on the post itself for all members to see. Deals made through PM’s on items that are publicly posted are void.

* Seller – if a buyer wants your item, but asks if you will take lower than your asking price, but someone else offers full asking price after them, it is up to you to decide if you want to offer the first person the chance to give you full asking price, or you can just go to the first person who offered full price. We do "suggest" offering the first person the chance to offer full asking price, but it will be up to you.

* Buyer – it is your responsibility to keep up with an item you have an offer on. Not responding to a seller’s comments within a reasonable amount of time will result in you losing that item without notice. Timing is at the sole discretion of the seller. Please be sure you come with the correct amount of money when you meet up. The seller, more than likely, will not have change and shouldn't have to wait around on you to try to get change made. Pretty much all transactions are a cash only type of deal, so please don't ask a seller to take a check.

* Any suspicious buyers/sellers, or any "deals gone bad" need to be reported to an admin immediately. Protection to all of the members in this group is the upmost importance.

* If you are confronted with a problem or a discretionary issue, please notify admin immediately. The administrators on this page are highly efficient and not tolerant of unnecessary posts/comments, or anything of the sort.

* Any offers of wanting a product for more than the asking price will be null and void. This is not eBay. Once an offer has been agreed on, even if it's lower than asking price, the deal is done. Do not post saying you will give them more, even if it's asking price, if the seller has already agreed to take less.

Thanks. Enjoy shopping!