Your boy boogie popularly known as Trevor is vying for the Post of Student Affairs Council Treasurer...

Vote for him and you will get maximum value of the student activity fee that you pay...

I will ensure that there will be more accountability and you will get to know how ua cash is spent

Part of My achievements.
1. Been part of the Freshman Orientation team for 2 years now
2. Was head of finance for the campus awards nite committee two years in a row.
3. Revived Pr club and he is currently the C.F.0
4. Spearheaded the VCT week in Usiu and got 1688 people tested
5. Incharge of marketing and Pr for Mr and Miss Life Usiu 2009 and now am in charge of finances
6. C.F.O students in free enterprise
7. Has a radio show on Radio Usiu.

Am an all rounded person.

The list is endless....