Kurdish recipes

A place where anyone can share my kurdish recipes. I had a lot of trouble trying to find 'Kurdish dishes' or 'Kurdish style dishes' to cook but now cook a wide range of food. I have yet to find a Kurdish recipe book that is written in English and hope in the near future to get a book published for the traditional style kurdish recipes and the more modern fusion styled recipes.

Please note that not all the recipes will be traditional 'kurdish recipes'. Some of the recipes on here will be 'kurdish style', using the technique of 'fusion' cooking. 'Everyone cooks different' so not all the dishes I cook my way may be to your taste but I have found that people from Kurdistan have their own ways of cooking and never two are the same. Also you will find that some recipes are used by kurdish but are traditionally from, say for example Turkey or Iran, so Turkish and Persian/Iranian.

I hope that you all enjoy the recipes and please note that if anyone is offensive towards myself or posts irrelevant wall messages, I will delete them along with the person.

I do this site from my heart and do not make any money etc from doing so. I merely like to share the recipes I cook.