The Buzz Local - Gravesham

Yee-Haa… You’ve found us! Come on in and join The Buzz Local Gr...avesham family (plus Dave) today.

Jam packed with love for Gravesham. If it’s old photographs, brain teasers, super-duper FREE competitions, the best of local businesses, cute babies, what’s on, local youth football, discount vouchers, old school memories, charity events, jokes, Gravesham history, photobombs, films, music, books, Gravesham famous and much much more, then The Buzz Local is the place to be!

Here to spread the love and bring a little smile and a burst of cyberspace sunshine to one and all, this is a feel good group full Gravesham community spirit.

Anything you think will help spread positivity through Gravesham is welcome with open arms. We’d love to see your old photographs, hear your funny local stories, read your uplifting quotes, chuckle over your jokes, share your cute family or animal photographs. So, post, post away!

Negativity will not be tolerated. There’s no politics, no insults, no arguing, no foul language and no bad vibes here (the world already has enough of that!). Also no private selling and no business advertising that is not approved by The Buzz Local.

So grab yourself a cuppa (or something stronger if it’s gone wine o’clock), come on in and make yourself at home… We’ve got a lot to show you! X

P.S: If you don’t know what a ‘Cheesy-Bug’ is, there’s a very good chance you aren’t from Gravesham... but you are still welcome anyway!