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For people in Elko, Spring Creek, Battle Mountain, Carlin and surrounding areas only!

A Classifieds Site for Cars,Trucks,RVs,Motorcycles and Anything with wheels!

• If seller posts "Make Offer" or "OBO", Wait until seller responds to current offer before making an offer,this is a facebook rule,NO BIDDING.

• Please give everyone a chance to sell and do not continuosly "bump" your post to the top of the page

• This is a "BUYER BEWARE" site, the admin(s) take no responsibility for items sold. Please check out the item before you pay for it.

• Once sold please remove it from site or post that it has been sold

• Be respectful of others. NO rude posts or comments, Drama or Fights, We are Adults... keep it to yourself.

We will only remove your post if there is a valid reason to. We like everyone to be able to have there stuff on here.

Please feel free to message any of the admins with any concerns you may have.

Good luck to all in selling and buying items on this page!