Insurance Billing and Credentialing for Counselors & Therapists

[To Join] This group is for fully-licensed psychotherapists (social workers, therapists/counselors, psychologists) ONLY. Meaning you have the licensure in your state that gives you the ability to be paneled with insurance companies and practice without a supervisor per your state guidelines. **We need some way to verify your licensure status to admit you to the group. You will get a PM asking for your professional website and/or marketing profile.** If you have applied and not been approved, please check your "Other" messages for a PM.

In this group, we support each other in our billing and credentialing efforts, such as how to navigate insurance billing and how to join insurance panels. Ask questions and get feedback. Offer tips about billing, useful software for billing as well as services.

This is a "pro-insurance" group that was created to help clinicians navigate insurance billing and credentialing, demystify the whole process (because lets face it none of us learned this stuff in grad school!), learn from each other's experiences, vent some struggles, and to help reduce the stigma associated with insurance panels and the credentialing process.

**Please make sure your comments and posts reflect this "pro-insurance" attitude. If anyone has any questions about what is appropriate please feel free to PM an admin.

Please do not post your blogs or promotional material, and/or questions that do not relate to insurance billing/credentialing at least in some way. There are other Facebook groups you can join if you would like to do so. Posts that are off topic will be deleted.

Please do celebrate your successes, & ask for support or guidance when you need it.

We are licensed therapists of diverse clinical orientations & skills, at all different stages in our learning about insurance billing and credentialing. Insurance paneling and billing can vary by state, so please try to include your location when posting state specific questions.

We treat each other with respect, kindness, & support. (And a good sense of humor is helpful, too!)