Preservation of the Second Amendment

We are all here for one basic reason, freedom. We are here to protect not just our gun rights, but our founding principles that this country is based upon.

The left would have you believe that gun control makes a safer society, but the overwhelming amount of evidence points to the contrary because there is nothing safe about a society that has the good people disarmed and unable to defend themselves from all threats, foreign and domestic.

If we wish to continue to win against the left, if we wish to remain a free nation, then we must continue to fight. Everyday we must fight hard, and fight harder the next day.

This is a fight that I cannot do alone. So I ask you to join me on the front lines. We have open the eyes of the people, report the facts that the mainstream media and the left either ignores completely and/or ignores.

We also need to get more people into Gun Rights groups, such as the NRA, GOA, and the Tea Party.

Will you stand on the sidelines and watch as your freedoms are stripped from you, or will you stand and fight?