RPG and Fantasy Writers and Artists Guild

A place to collaborate, share ideas and resources, discuss problems and find solutions, and have some fun!

The idea here is cooperation and sharing. No more or less complicated than what's taught on Sesame Street.

No "for sale", links to "for sale" or crowdfunding posts are permitted here. Please go here to make these posts:


Need an editor or publisher? Post it here.

Want to bounce an idea off some folks who probably have a good idea what you're talking about? Post it here.

Need a product or resource you can't find. Post it here.

Want a partner(s) on a collaboration? Post it here.

Need someone to do free work? DON'T POST IT HERE! The writers and artists who are members here do this for a living and deserve payment.

You get the idea.

Please feel free to invite anyone you think might be a good fit here.