Why we cannot see beauty and find love and something which is new?
Because we are most of the time operating from past knowledge. our thoughts always operating in knowledge. Thought can only function in the field of known. Our relations are between the images of self and others.Images are past.
Love canotbe between images.Love is not depended on memory neither it can be cultivated. when you cultivate love, you are not loving.
Love is always new and therefore it is its own eternity.
But mostly our brain operates from old stored knowledge instantly When we see or feel or react. Now can there be an interval, a space, before I respond? So that brain
is quiet enough to respond in a different way or new way.
That is whether old brain will allow itself to be quiet so that a new part can operate.(we use only a fraction of the brain other parts remain unused). Now the brain must not forcing itself to be quiet. If it is forcing itself to be quiet then it is still the operation of the past. It should be the truth/beauty/love/anything new that brings about quietness – not the intention to be quiet. It can discover something new only when it sees the truth
that the old cannot find anything new and therefore old becomes quiet. The truth makes it quiet; it does not wish to be quiet. And the old conditioning with its
knowledge operate only when it is necessary.
When it is functioning within old field of consciousness it can never discover anything new. That is an absolute fact, not a theory. We know nothing about freedom,
about what love is, what death is; we know nothing except jealousy, envy, fear, which are all part of old content.
So old brain, realizing its utter limitation, becomes quiet, because it has found it has no freedom. And because it has found no freedom, a new part of brain is in
operation. That is intelligence: The discovery of that is intelligence i.e.When your intelligence is awakened you can see the beauty and find love in everything.
When our mind do not operate from old knowledge and ask questions like"I dont know", "I really dont know",it becomes completely humble and ready to accept new.That
state of"not knowing" is intelligence.When intelligence is awakened you can see beauty and find love.