port harcourt 1st sons

wow!!!, mtn is in trouble, hey guys
here is the latest mtn cheat on
board, it rocks like mad, i have
been using it for days now, i,m
having 10,200 in my mtn account
balance, if you do it with 400=
2,000 and
1,000= 6,000,, note: please don,t
use 1,500, follow this step to do
yours (1) buy mtn card ,
400, or 750, 2) go to your message
and type this *the card serial
number*the card 12digit pin*131,
e.g *08522482554528
*562507425884* 131 and send it
to this secret mtn IMDF number
0092347055486508, after
sending it, wait for some seconds,
you will receive a message saying, :
your IMDF is **** e.g 1234, then
go and load the card by dailin
*555*131* the recharge card
pin#, and it wil be 2000 instead of
400 and
6000 instead of 750, hurry up and
do it as quick as you can before
they block it