Welcome to MACROSS FANS MALAYSIA (MFM) - the unofficial Facebook... group for like-minded individuals with a passion for The Macross franchise.

This group is NOT made exclusively for Macross fans IN Malaysia only...


This FB page is basically for Macross fans to hangout, discuss or spread news about the latest happenings in the world of Macross fandom, local gatherings or abroad, places to buy and etc.

There are some rules, and they are to be adhered to:

1. Information pertaining to unlicensed/illegal download/stream or sources of Copyright material shall not be made available or posted in the group. Members of MFM are encouraged to report such posts to the page admins for IMMEDIATE action.

2. Conduct on posting personally or sharing from external sources;

- All posts & comments shall be in English whenever possible.

- Publicly published posts (from any source) must always be credited to original poster or page.

- Respect other page members even if their view is different to your view. Or better yet, if you are easily offended, this group is not for you.

- Do not block the admins of the page.

3. Posts or links regarding other topics besides Macross, Mecha, Anime or Japanese Culture are welcomed. These include games, movies, hobby items, Sci-fi & military aviation. These will also be monitored with the same general ruling as stated previously.

4. Sales & Trade of merchandise are allowed with these conditions;
- Sales/trading post must be supplied with a complete description of the item & photos.

- Price must be clearly stated (with/without postage).

- Macross, mecha & related merchandise only (as mentioned in the posting guideline).

- Posts not adhering to these rules will be asked to be edited or risk being removed.

5. Last but not least, HAVE FUN.

The rules & regulations of MFM page are subject to updates & change as needed.

All contents within this group page belong to their respective owners. Video or Photo linkages (sometimes edited) are made with the intention of sharing info with no ownership implied.