Buy, Sell and Swap in Ampthill and Flitwick

This group is for people of Ampthill, Flitwick and close surrounding areas. The main purpose is for Jo public to buy, sell and swap their goods.

We believe in supporting the local community and local charities and businesses within the community. Local businesses and charities may place an advert once a month only. Any business or charity failing to meet this basic requirement will be permanently banned.

Just to help the site run smoothly we have listed below some general guidelines and rules. POINTS TO REMEMBER.............

1) Always List your location with every advert.
2)Please do not list any counterfeit items such as copies of DVD's or counterfeit labels. This will cause the group to be removed by Facebook Admin.
3). No alcohol or tobacco items, again this is prohibited by Facebook Admin.
4). No guns or weaponry of any kind.
5) No sex toys or aids of any kind whatsoever
6) No offers of loans, please do not advertise them on our site
7)No animal posts. We do allow Equipment but no livestock.

Please respect others within this group. Threatening and abusive behaviour towards other group members will not be tolerated!

1ST COMMENT: We try to run a "fair" site and 1st person to comment on an item should get 1st refusal. a tag of name and question are "Express of interest" and should be given 1st refusal. Please can sellers be patient for person to get back to them,24 hours would be preferable... and anyone else showing an interest will be next in line - 2nd refusal etc..

1) CREATE AN ALBUM When putting on your listings, please can you can create an album with all your photos in one place... this makes it easier for you to update listings and for other people to find all your listings in one place.
PLEASE NOTE: Only up to a limit of TWO albums are now allowed on this site per member. Any albums that have not been maintained and commented on within 3 months of created will be deleted from group

2)DELETE WHEN SOLD & COLLECTED. Please delete and remove the listings once the item has been sold and collected. This will keep the flow of the group going.

3)TRY NOT TO BUMP MORE THAT ONCE IN 24HRS Please don't bump your listings more than once within 24hrs. also if u have lots of items, try to put them in an album.

4)PRIVATE MESSAGE/INBOX SELLER WHEN BUYING Helpful to private message the seller when you have intention to buy, helps to find them later via your messages - when you can't always find the listing or photo on photo page.

5)LET PEOPLE KNOW IF U CAN'T MAKE COLLECTION... If for some reason you are unable to make the time arranged for collection or delivery, please let the other party know. If you change your mind it's not a problem, just let the other party know.

6)WE DO NOT ALLOW members to list/ sell items that are also listed on eBay at the same time. If you prefer to sell item on ebay then please do not list it on our site