Derbyshire Buy, Gift or Sell

PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE! (Revised 12 - 09 -13)
From 23rd July 2013 Any posts without a LOCATION in the DESCRIPTION will be DELETED by Admin.
1. BLOCKING ADMIN CAN BE SEEN by us and means an automatic ban as soon as we see it… So don’t bother to do it!

2. This group is for people to sell their unwanted 'stuff' in the DERBYSHIRE area. It is NOT open to people living way outside the area who wish to sell and promote businesses all over the world. We also, do not allow posts looking for recruits to become sales agents, catalogue drop agents, reps working from home, slimming products or loans! These will also be deleted and possibly banned!

3. YOU MUST ADD YOUR LOCATION and to avoid embarrassment the PRICE you are looking for! No matter what you are advertising, posts without a LOCATION risk being deleted! If you are OPEN TO OFFERS then please do this by asking people to INBOX their offers and doing so in private! Swaps are also allowed but all negotiations are between both parties, admin will not interfere

4. We do ask that you make an album to put all your pictures in because too many single posts flood the main page. We have raised the allowance to 6 folders and can be bumped every 4 - 6 hours. Please try and do them at separate times with only 3 or 4 between other people's posts. Other posters obviously don't like it when their posts get shoved all the way down for one person.

5. We do allow the sale of animals but admin do NOT take any responsibility of animals sold on site or there behaviours.

6. We no longer allow groups to post links unless they are actually using this site to dispose of their own goods also. It has become more and more like a reference library lately!

7. If in doubt or have any problems please don't hesitate to contact an admin.
These guidelines are for everyone’s benefit, so please follow them! If you don’t agree with them, then do feel free to leave the group!