Ocala Virtual Garage Sale

(We feel the Etiquette and Rules listed below are necessary in order to keep this group FUN, running smoothly, and items organized and easy to find)

Ocala Area Online Garage Sale: A place to list items you want to Buy, Sell, or Give away in the Ocala, FL Area.

***EVERYONE, Please read these rules and check back on occasion for revisions***

1) Please use this page for its intended purpose; Buy, Sell, Trade, or Give Away items in the Ocala, FL Area. This is not a social site or a chat room. Please use comments section to inquire on more information about an item, not for general socializing. (Group sites are easily cluttered, so let’s please stick to the forum)

2) Please list items in Ocala, FL and surrounding area only. If you do not live in the Ocala area please have someone you know that can complete the transaction for you or if you commute or visit Ocala often is acceptable. There are many Groups similar to this one throughout the state and many items are being listed on multiple garage sale pages. (Rule maybe subject to change)

3) PLEASE give a detailed description of the Item you are selling by clicking on the “Edit” text box under the photo when uploading photo to Album. The more descriptive you are the fewer questions people will need to ask. Response time on a question could be days. Please include all details if they apply: Dimensions, Condition, Age, Expiration Date, Make/Model Number, etc… to name a few.

4) SELLING an ITEM: At a minimum include your asking price, someone is going to ask anyway, item description, and location if necessary. If you put Or Best Offer (OBO) don’t be offended by what offers you may get as someone’s best offer may not be close to what you planned on selling for.

5) DO NOT post the same item more than one time. If you’d like your post to be seen again, make a comment such as “Still Available” or if you have reduced the price. Every time a post is commented on it cycles back to the top of the forum. This is referred to as "BUMPING"
**PLEASE DO NOT "BUMP" YOUR POST MORE THAN ONCE PER DAY. Posts that are excessively "bumped" will be deleted by administration at their discretion.

6) DELETE your posts and items after they’ve been sold, given, or found. REMOVE YOUR POST!!
*You can find most of the posts you’ve commented on by using the search box in the upper right hand corner of the Group’s Main Page. (This doesn't work 100%, but used to work very well with lesser members)

7) INTENTIONALY SPAMMING THE WALL WILL GET YOU REMOVED FROM THE GROUP! This includes posting the same item over and over... REMEMBER: once is maximum per item............

8) You may list your On site Rummage Sale by using the "Events" option at the top of the Grouop Page, please remember to DELETE the Event once it's over. "Events is for On Site/Residential Garage/Rummage Sales only, NOT meetings, parties, etc...

9) This site is for Buy, Sale, and Give ONLY... Please No help Wanted, Looking for Love, or advertising of the like. If you are making crafts or other "home-made" items you MUST HAVE AN ACTUAL ITEM FOR SELL... just offering to make things to order is a service.... If you have one to sell and are posting it is THEN okay to mention that you can also do custom orders... but again, YOU MUST BE SELLING AN ACTUAL ITEM.... please tell people interested in custom orders to use INBOX MESSAGING for placing other orders. You may want to receive payment for custom orders in advance as there have been problems in the past.

10) BE KIND, No profanity! RACIAL comments will NOT be allowed and you will be banned from the group.

11) REMEMBER! "A DEAL IS A DEAL!" if you say you want something, then be sure and make arrangements to get it. Have your cash in hand and be there when you say you will... People's time is valuable!
If someone says “I’ll take it” it is done, Please do not sell to another person.
***The courtesy timeline for waiting for someone to get back to you is 24hrs***

12) Don’t make your comments on someone else’s Item. If you have the same thing or similar for sale make your own add.

13) When possible, use Personal Messaging to keep the comments from filling the page. If you are asking about the item, ok use the comments. If you are arranging for pickup and payment please use Personal Messaging. The rest of the group doesn’t need to know when and where details.

14) IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE IMMEDIATE OCALA AREA, please only make deals with people if you have someone local that can handle picking up or dropping off items in a timely manner. If you are selling and not in the area MAKE IT KNOWN IN YOUR ITEM DECRIPTION!!! Again, this is an Ocala based site...

15) No price bashing. Asking if they will take less is fine. But commenting that the price is too high is just your opinion. If you don't like the price someone is asking, don't buy it and refrain from commenting.


17) NOT TO BE SOLD!!!- Smoking utensils- Illegal or not (pipes, bongs, etc.) Alcoholic beverages. Sexual utensils and fire arms are also prohibited from being bought or sold on this site!

*Please do not create a new Album for your own items, they will be removed without notification.
*PLEASE upload your photos to the appropriate Admin Created Albums.
*IF you have items for sale and can’t find an appropriate Album put them in “Misc.” or request an Album be made by an Admin. (It must be justified)
It may seem like there are a lot of RULES. However, most of the rules are member etiquette. We are all Adults here. Without a few rules this Group would be unorganized chaos. Other Garage Sale Groups are learning this as they grow larger. Our goal is NOT to see how many members we can get, but to have cooperative members to keep this running as smoothly as possible, with very little issues, and Everyone to have fun getting rid of what they no longer want without having to throw it away.
Rules may be added or removed as we see fit. New issues may arise, and a rule may be created to fix it. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

I am in no way responsible for transactions you make here, I simply created this page to bring you all together to make finding things easier for all of you. I will not be a referee.... transactions are between YOU and the other party. However, if you have problems with members here I would like to be notified by you and let me know the situation. I will consider the banning of members if they have had too many complaints or if they do something extremely out of line.
When you join this group you will want to edit settings so your email does not fill with every comment from the group.

I hope this page proves useful to all of you!!!!!
Anne Legier

(I am modeling this group after the Pierre area online garage sale...check it out when you have a few minutes...very organized and very active!)