Southside stockton closet with sell/trade/free

Hello everyone!
I hope that everyone can get along on this site and are able to come to me with any problems and concerns they may have.
Please respect people on here and keep unnecessary comments to yourself. Only post what you want to sell on here or if you are looking to buy something on here.
1. Do not sell alcohol or drugs on here
2. If you want to sell something then please make a post about it and not post in on another persons post, That's just rude.
3. If you have a problem or complaint please message me, I will deal with it.
4. Please be respectful of others.
5. Don't post unnecessary things on here or post a ridiculously high price for something that is either broken or does not work well.
6. Please do not flake on people if you are going to buy something.
7. Don't post anything inappropriate on here and if you do I will delete and ban you without warning.
8. Failure to comply with these rules will first be given a warning and then the second time I will ban and delete you.
Lastly if your going to sell something make sure they are reasonable prices, it doesn't matter if something is brand new because if that's so they might as well go to the store and buy it. Place fair prices that you would be happy with but at the same time not at the original price you bought it for.
Thanks for reading.