Summit/Stark County Buy, Sell, Trade, or Give Away!

Got something to Sell, Trade, or Give Away? Post it here today!

This Facebook Group is to Buy, Sell, Trade, or Give Away items ONLY.
Since this is a 2 County site, public meeting spots are highly suggested & should be arranged, per mutual agreement, between the buyer/seller.


#SELLING: Seller is under NO OBLIGATION to hold an item for a buyer due to buyer's lack of funds at the time of INTEREST in an item. The first potential buyer to EXPRESS that they want to purchase the item, AND has the funds AVAILABLE, and the willingness to meet with the seller when the SELLER is available, shall be entitled to purchase said item. If a set meeting falls through, the NEXT qualifying buyer, according to these rules, will be given the option of purchase, if the buyer so desires.

** Tagging someone’s name or simply asking a question does not count as an interest or place in line.

**We ask that the seller give 24hrs response time to buyer/person next in line. We all have different schedules.

(Everything on this page is sold "AS IS", and the admin(s) of this Group will not be held liable.)

> No High Ticket Valued Designer items!!! Ex. Coach, LV, Channel, Prada.
(Except with prior approval through PM to Admin)

> No Stock Pile Items!!! Ex. Make-up, Shampoo/Conditioner, Toothpaste.

> Please do not post advertisements/links. No businesses of any type, such as salons, car/RV dealers, photographers, dog breeders, Avon, 31, Pampered Chef, Pure Romance, Ray-Ban, etc.

>If you are a "Realtor" or "Listing Agent" for apartments/ are considered, in this group, to be a business or company! Postings of this type are NOT Permitted!!!

**If you post any such items they will be deleted & YOU will be Removed from this group!!!

Use the "Add Photo/Video" tab to upload/post a PICTURE of your item(s). Make sure you include the PRICE at the same time to avoid multiple postings.

ATTENTION!!!!! **If you have many items, please "Create an Album" instead of posting each individual item. (This takes up the entire page & people get very annoyed!).

Seller/Buyer Lingo:

* Nil = Next in line.
* PPU = Pending Pick up.
* Obo = Or best offer.
* ISO = In Search Of
* PM = Private Message (Located in the "Other" folder of your inbox)

You may bump your items once a day to the top of the page by commenting on your item. Once your item has been SOLD, please delete your post or at least indicate in the post that it was sold or that you want an admin to delete it.

**(It is against Facebook policy to post sexually explicit/offensive material beyond your own wall. Nobody shall sell illegal items on here either. This will not be tolerated, and it will be removed and/or reported.)

~Have a nice day!