Aotearoa in Aussie

This group has been set up in response to the need that is seen out there in society. My wife and I have a real heart for people and want to do our best, we can for the people here on the Redcliffe Peninsula to Rothwell surrounds.

This is an open group where our vision is for true friendships to develop over time, this is the place where you can share what you want, music , photos or whatever you like.

This is the place where you can ask for help and we will do everything that we can to get that help to you. Please do not be shy Kath and I understand where you guys are at.

Aotearoa in Aussie supports all Kiwi's in their effort to make a new prosperous life for themselves and family here in Australia.
We are here to offer those of you who would like to acquire new skill sets and knowledge and equip you for the workplace, that will enhance even your current position.

The writer has had over 15 years experience in Business in New Zealand, and upon returning Home here to Australia have completed a Diploma of Business and Diploma of Management.

I have nearly completed my Bachelor of Business (Accounting) of which I will then do my Master of Accounting and Master of Commerce.

Welcome Everybody we love you guys.