Step Parents Effectively Promoting Solutions (S.T.E.P.S.)

Our Mission is to help promote better parenting by providing an outlet for Step Parents Together Effectively Promoting Solutions with every day Blended Family issues.

Blended Families not only deal with the every day issues of a Natural Family we also deal with the Step Parent, Step Sibling, and Extended Family issues, as well as Co-Parenting problems that exist between Biological Parents. Our ultimate goal is to help develop and promote solutions that work with all the separate issues involved in a Blended Family. There is no right or wrong way to Parent in any family, the issue is how one deals with the solution and what is right for your family needs.

Step-relationships cannot and will not function as a traditional family. The step-relationship has no models to follow and often partners are not prepared for the tensions that arise because of the children, ex-spouse or society.

STEPS is a way for blended families to come to solutions with everyday non-traditional issues. It is an outlet for step-parents to discuss what works and doesn?t work both online and offline.

You have to have a lot of love, humility, and wonder in step relationships. I am a firm believer that children are at the heart of every family and all children need clear cut guidelines, stability, and a lot of understanding with what they are feeling and going through. Being a step child is not easy for them either, and they do need to be heard as well.

There is no right or wrong way to parent in any family. It?s about what is right for your familys needs. At times we all wonder Am I doing the right thing." You have to have humility and decide to let an issue go if you dont have control or cannot control an issue.

According to 2003 statistics there are over 20 million blended families in the United States. Trends suggest that within the next five years 75 percent of American families will be in blended families. We cannot let statistics or outside influences determine what is right or wrong for our blended family. We are unique and a family such as ours is fast becoming the normal traditional family.

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