This is a civil information discussion board for Schiller Parker's (current residents) to talk about events and town politics.We have no real non biased News source, *Note: I will not please everyone with this format. I am still trying to perfect the layout so this stays interesting and provides helpful information, while not opening myself up to any legal issues. No posting of live legal pending matters, FOIA's are fine, archived doc's are fine. All posts to be subject to Admin removal if the Admin deems they violate the rules, because I wont get sued for your beliefs, but I might for mine. No one needs to participate here if they do not like the format,its voluntary. Act with civility.**The posts here are not necessarily the views of the Administrator.** The only political posts will be from party that fit the reform agenda of this page (non nepotism supporting, no multiple funded paychecks on any slate running). Admins discretion will be final in all instances. Fake profiles will be immediately removed. No banned members will be cross posted in this group.