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Hi smile emoticon We're Encanta Música, and we are a young, driv...en, and dynamic team looking to make a difference, the best we can!

We are on a constant quest to find great music from independent labels and musicians from all around the world, and to share that music through our existing client network of 5star and Diamond luxury resorts stretched across Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America.

We broadcast to over 15 million international listeners every year, with 300,000+ daily captive listeners from 100's of different cities around the world, enjoying the music we design as their ambiance.

As well as broadcasting internally, other programs like online radio, apps, and custom avant-garde compilations, give our clients branding opportunities, and the artists a chance to make some money while reaching an extensive global network of new fans.

We believe in a transparent and equal sharing platform for revenues that considers the artists and their music an equally integral component of a successful enterprise. We pay fair and we are honest about it, no screwing around.

Bookings are also an integral part of our services, always on the lookout for that special artist that will wow the audience with passion, art, and an incredible performance.

If you are an artist, or an independent record label looking for a new way to grow, and for music submissions / other inquiries, please contact us at


We're always super stoked to learn about you!

More information can be found on our website.

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