Fun House Gifting and More

Welcome to our home!! Please add all admins and gifters for your freebies!! and make sure you are in our mafias IF YOU ARE NOT CONNECTED YOU CAN"T WIN
Please scroll down the page, there will be freebies and maybe some other surprises. Please also check out our FILES, there is some helpful stuff in there, This is where you put Requests, Add Me's and a FB jail file so people can add you while you are unable to!!Have a blast and bring your friends along!
While we appreciate your freedom of speech we would prefer you not use the f...or C.. bomb, please read our rules!!
PS..Don't forget to join our sister groups and our Operation and Property House
Funhouse Game help

This is a fun gifting site for people to help others and to support each other.

We are not a family or a clan but do treat each other as a family.