Medical insurance consultancy

Employer Obligations:- AbuDhabi All employers and sponsors are responsible for the procurement of health insurance coverage and possession of valid health insurance at all times for their employees and their families (1 spouse and 3 children under 18), inclusive of registration fees, as well as the cost of the policy and for the cost of all health care services that are provided to persons on his sponsorship in the event that such a person is not covered by a valid health insurance policy. Obtaining or renewing sponsorship of any resident expatriate will not be permitted without submitting evidence of a valid health insurance policy for the sponsored person to the relevant governmental organisations. The law restricts the employer or sponsor from passing on the cost of providing health insurance to their employees and dependents, and such an act will be considered a violation of the law and shall hold the employer or sponsor subject to investigation and penalties. Complaints may be filed at the Complaints Unit at GAHS, if such a case occurs. All companies within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are expected to adhere to the health insurance law, given that due time and notice has been provided. A fair and severe list of punitive measures has been formulated and approved within the Code of Regulations for failure to comply with the law