Prairie Star District Youth Advisors

At the recent 2011 PSD annual meeting there was a connection between many youth advisors. Lots of conversations were had about our wonderful youth and what we can offer them, and how we can best learn and support them.

We are hoping to gather a group of PSD youth advisors at some point in Des Moines, Iowa to have a youth advisors retreat/training/conference so that we can unite our district in ways unfathomed in years gone by (just kidding, being dramatic!). But seriously we all love our youth so much and want to get them connected and get ourselves connected, so we really do want to meet and learn and share experiences and successes and pitfalls.

We also had some conversations about PSD conferences, and have lots of discussion still left to have regarding this.

SO. What we need to do is start adding youth advisors to this group! If you know one, please invite them to join. I also know that some of you aren't youth advisors, but are DREs, DYCMs, insert your acronym here. That's okay, many of you work in the capacity of a youth advisor, and we want to hear from you if you want to be a part of this group, all who work with youth are welcome!

So get to adding people, and let's get this thing rolling! THANKS for all you do, it makes a HUGE difference to those youth, and to our world!!!


Ruth Appleton
Youth Advisor, Ames Iowa