I Love Parkhurst

This group is for residents, business owners and people interested in what's happening in the Parkhurst Village. This page is set up by the Parkhurst Residents and Business Owner's Association (PRABOA) as a communication channel for the residents of Parkhurst. We encourage all residents to become members of PRABOA by paying an annual subscription fee of R365 per year per household.

Any information acquired from this page for use elsewhere (electronically, in print or in any other format whatsoever) must have the approval of the owners of this page to be used and must be attributed to this page and to PRABOA (Parkhurst Village: The Residents' & Business Owners Association).

Anyone can post on the page but you need to be a member of the group.

Unsolicited adverts or posts that appear to be advertising of a business will be deleted. We do not accept posts offering animals for sale from unregistered breeders and require that people posting requests for rehoming animals work in conjunction with registered animal welfare organisations.

All posts must be relevant to Parkhurst and its residents.

Even though we encourage debate we urge you to be respectful of each other's opinion. Any abusive remarks, slanders or offensive posts will be deleted and the member will get a warning.

We as creators and administrators hold the right to delete and ban any post and/or member who does not abide by the group rules.

If you feel any one persons is being abusive or is abusing their rights on the page please report them to [email protected]

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