Kindle facE-BOOKer reading club

A group for those that have Kindles to share reviews on books they have enjoyed. The opportunity to recommend free/cheap books that can be found via various means. In addition there are some fantastic links to other pages that can help manage your wish lists and give you alternative sites to download from, these are all stored under the files tab :0)

Please bear in mind that a lot of the authors that release their books for free are doing so unpaid, if you did not enjoy their work please do not be over critical!! Lets keep this group positive and sensible with use of language... no profanity!! :0)

A few rules, to keep the group running smoothly and friendly.

1) any recommendations for books that obtain erotica and/or overtly violent and/or contain extreme profanity MUST be accompanied with a warning explaining potential to offend.
2) links must NOT be to any other sites than recognised book sellers, libraries, authors own pages or helpful guides. It is not acceptable to link to external sites promoting literature likely to cause offence, create ill-will, promoting illegal activity or racist/sexist/political propaganda,
3) admin reserve the right to remove any link (and member if issues continue) that they deem inappropriate, without notice.
4) it is illegal to share books without the authors express permission and therefore to protect the group and its members any requests to share books will be removed.

Let's keep it fun and enjoyable, common sense approach please :0)