Picton Picturefest

A collective of film professionals and media artists from across Ontario have officially announced plans for the inaugural Picton Picturefest, a film festival and youth retreat to be held in Prince Edward County from July 7-11, 2011. Consisting of four days of films and workshops with community and youth education the common threads throughout, Picton Picturefest will reimagine the idea of a film festival, providing a unique showcase for artists’ work and an experience that will alter the way participants engage with cinema.

Funded by the Ontario Arts Council, the Picton Picturefest’s objective is to facilitate the idea of the film festival as community. This idea extends from the organizing and execution of the festival itself, to its actual programming. Film programs will be curated by a diverse group of individuals and organizations on the basis of their thematic relationship to ideas of community. They will be screened alongside programs of both local and student shorts, to be selected by an ongoing call for submissions to the festival.

An additional focus of the festival will be youth education. Picturefest will reach out to youth interested in cinema and make them a pivotal aspect of the project. Beyond screening works from young filmmakers, the festival will facilitate workshops that will give participants an opportunity for an intensive four-day immersion in the filmmaking process.

There will be a call for interested youth to camp out in Picton with the collective during the festival. These specific individuals will assist us in the execution of the film festival, but will also be free to attend and engage in all of the screenings, workshops and social events. We want to enable them to become fully immersed in the experience by inviting them to spend the duration of the festival in a ‘cinephile summer camp’-esque environment.

July 7-11, 2011: Save the dates and e-mail [email protected] for more information on collaborating, sponsoring or volunteering.