Faulconbridge Year 2 2015

Hi Everyone and welcome to the Faulconbridge Year 2 2015 page.
Please feel free to add other parents who have children in Yr 2 this year at Faulconbridge Public School.
We try to keep these pages to just those who have children in that year at school we have a P&C page for everyone to be involved in.
This page is designed for parents to add info about things that are happening within the school to help other parents who may or may not know whats happening, e.g mufti days, school disco's, reminders for notes/money due etc.
Anyone can add posts but please try to keep it school related, no adds for business unless they are associated with an event being held within our school community.
* Rudeness is not tolerated on this group. Bad or disrespectful language will not be tolerated, not even in abbreviated forms. Please keep your language clean & courteous. Also anyone who is seen to be bullying others or being disrespectful to others will be removed from the group.
Thank you and we look forward to a great year ahead smile emoticon