Saint John ONLINE scanner



The site is meant for SJP & SJF Scanner Calls and Updates of those well as....CURRENT BREAKING & URGENT NEWS STORIES and updates and or comments of those stories!! Should a post turn into a long lost friendly chat it will be deleted!!

ALL POSTS AND UPDATES regarding scanner calls and breaking & urgent news MUST BE IN FULL CAPS......any comments will be posted in lower case, please and thank you!!

If you hear ANY names OR numbers of any kind being given out on the scanner.......DO NOT POST THIS INFO!!

Do NOT post any FULL addresses (only the STREET NAME) for ANY call you hear!!

NO profanity OR any inappropriate talk is to be used in ANY comments, posts and updates!!! If you do use profanity you WILL be first warned, then if it happens again you will be banned from the group. Profanity and Inapropriate talk also includes the use of insults and personal attacks on other members, that would be considered a "bully" tactic and WILL get you a WARNING and if it happens again then you WILL BE BANNED!!

Please keep all pet posts contained to the lost pets site.

You can find the lost pets page here

Please do not copy and paste stories from the Telegraph Journal. Where it is now a pay site it is advised that you no longer paste stories from there.

Anyone caught using a FAKE or FRAUDULENT profile will be removed from the group and reported to Facebook for further investigation.

Please no double posting at anytime as it gets confusing to everyone!! Having too many posts regarding the same topic can be very difficult for our members to follow the events as they happen!! We try to have one post per topic to keep all info in one place.

If you notice a problem on a post from somebody please do not post anything negative. Contact an admin to look into it please.

ALL rules will be followed or there will be consequences!! We will ALWAYS show support and respect for EVERYONE in this group at ALL times!! There is to be NO posting items for sale!!

Those posts belong here

NO swearing, rude, ignorant, disrespectful, racial or prejudice comments!! And NO ads of any kind!!

We Thank You for Your Cooperation :) !!