541-Eugene upscale Retail


This group has been created for you to sell "QUALITY ITEMS @ A FAIR PRICE" NOT a trade site- IN Respect to all sellers please keep your posts to a minimum and do not keep bumping your items to the top when new items are posted. Also please do not repeatedly post the same items it is a waste of a good site and people get board with it- I will delete all of these repeated posts as on march 1st if you pin your posts you will be deleted from the site-

Please note: Items do not have to be high end exclusively.
please note: The items do have to be very nice and presented well, to insure successfull sale and satisfied buyers.

Here are a few simple guidelines to follow.

1. Quality items only
2. No used Hygiene products
3. only fair offers when trying to get a deal please do not offer people 50% of there sale price.
4. you must be prepared to pick the item up from the buyer on location or location of there choice.
5. No more than 1 re-schedule
6. Sell to people according to order posts received.
7. "No" un-adult like behavior will be tolerated
8. Do not respond if you do not have the money in hand.
9. No members are obligated to hold, so please be sure to provide all necessary contact info.
10. If you are seen saying I am intrested on multiple posts and do not follow thru, you will be deleted.
11. again this is not a trade site.
12. Do not create multiple posts of the same items, and delete your sold items.
13. This site is not to post the same things you have on other sites, people get board and tired of seeing the same things. That's what sets sites apart from one another. These posts will be deleted.


14. Enjoy yourself thats what shopping is all about!

If you are having any problems on this page please let me know and they will not go un- noticed, this sight has been created to insure the respect of our friends and family and to create relationships within the community.

REMINDER QUALITY ITEMS OF ANY FORM.... This is not a site to post items that can look good if washed. Wash it first! This is also not a site for toys missing pieces and not in the EXCELLENT category. Buyers trust there sellers and if you don't stand behind your sales.... You will be removed/Banned.

Finally Rude comments will not be tolerated, If you think an item is over priced keep it to yourself and research the product before placing judgment.

Happy Shopping

Alicia Morse -