Get paid for posting ads

Facebook Groups Marketing

Placing ads in Facebook groups is highly recommended and one of the best places to generate huge amounts of traffic and sales to your Ad posting site website at no cost to you.

Facebook requires you to register for a free account before you can join groups and post ads, so if you don’t have a Facebook account yet you can sign-up at:

Now, what your going to do is join all 210 of the Facebook groups I have posted below, by simply logging into your Facebook account and then clicking on each link below and clicking on the Join Group button on the top right side of each groups page.

Once you have joined all 210 Facebook groups below, you can begin to post ads manually for your ad posting site website which will take a decent amount of time to get your ads posted in all 210 Facebook groups, but it’s well worth it and the rewards can be very profitable in the end.

I suggest that you type out the ad your going to be posting to Facebook groups in notepad on your computer before you start posting it to the list of 210 Facebook groups below, so that all you have to do is simply copy and paste your ad to each group and this will save you a ton of time and help you to get more ads posted daily.

Now, if you would like to speed up your Facebook group marketing by getting your ads posted to all the groups you have joined on autopilot and be able to get your ads posted every hour, every two hours or how ever you like, then I highly suggest you do like most successful Facebook marketers, including myself and join HootSuite Pro for only $10 a month at:

Now, if your not going to join HootSuite to get your ads posted automatically on a daily basis, then I suggest that you try and post at least 25-50 ads in the morning and then another 25-50 ad in the evening and more if possible, as with any online business the more you advertise the more people will see your ads and visit your ad posting website and order from you, so get start posting Facebook group ads today!