Official Nottingham Medics - Freshers 2014-2015

A group for all those coming to study medicine at Nottingham in 2014 :)

Firstly, a HUGE congratulations for getting here. We all know exactly how hard you worked to get here and we also know that you are in for an amazing time here at Nottingham, which is (in our humble opinion) the BEST place to be :D

We are your Karni reps for your Freshers term and will be seen strutting our fabulous stuff around the Med School in our red tops, ready to lend a hand wherever it is needed and to be your guides through what will probably be the best months of your life.

Your Karni 2014 reps are:

Sam Hunter
Henry McKay
Sai Sathanapally
Kim Stallard
Sarah Towey
Cara Valente

Add us, message us, post on the wall, whatever you want if you have questions or you just fancy chatting to someone who has been there before. That's what we are here for and for you guys to get to know each other before September starts :) Once term starts keep an eye on the page; the reps will use it to post all information about awesome events and to keep in touch.


What is Karni?
Karnival is the biggest student run charity organisation in the UK that raises money for various different charities. In 2013, Karni managed to raise over £1,700,000 which was phenomenal!

This year Karni are aiming to raise that and even more, and as Medics we will all work together to raise the most out of all the halls and win the coveted Snowflake Cup!

If you are already a keen bean and have been raising money for charity, let us know if we can help out and we could potentially get that money put on our total :) which would make us all very happy!!


Every Saturday of Freshers term Karni will be responsible for organising the epicness that is RAG RAIDS. These are just unbelievably good fun and we can guarantee you will make some of your best friends at Uni on these! We take you to a different city every week, let you loose with a collecting tin dressed in a suitably ridiculous outfit to raise money for a named charity. We then have fun on the way home and join everyone else from the other halls in one of Nottingham's nightclubs - this is the BEST way to spend your weekend so they are NOT TO BE MISSED!!

Other events will include:
- BEDPUSH (we loose you on Nottingham dressed in scrubs with various bits of hospital paraphernalia to collect more monies for charity- buy scrubs NOW!!)
- SEVEN-LEGGED BAR CRAWL (one of the largest bar crawls in the world... nuff said)
- the SNOWFLAKE BALL- a fabulous, magical end to what will be the best few months of your Uni life where the Karni cup is announced!!


Any more questions feel free to post :) we are all looking forward to meeting you all in September guys!
Karni Love xxx