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The Employer

After doing market research we have come up with a solution for job searches within south africa. We have chosen the name Key searches show's that there is millions of people searching for “Jobs South Africa”.

Our Services for Corporates and Clients Direct

A competive and cost effective website. To the clients satisfaction. At a rate of R25.00 excl vat per job spec per day. You will have access to our website. And receive online applications as per

Your advertised requirement.

Our services includes the following:

* A questionaire (Assisting HR to filter the required candidate)

* Unlimited amount of cv's per job spec.

* Access for 1 full month per job spec.

The Jobseeker

All our applicants that have registered on

Will receive an email on keyword placements to apply for the required position.

South africa.

Marketing & Advertising

Leading social networks in the like's and other advertsing mediums.

Print & Internet.

Banner advertising

Price on request