I am running for Vice President of Sport in the up coming Guild of Students Elections!!

I hope you won't get too bored of updates over the next fortnight (I'll try and be good!), but your vote really matters to the success of our campaign and therefore the positive future of the Guild and Athletic Union.

A brief run down of my policies should help-:


>UNITING THE STUDENT POPULATION for the benefit of both Guild activities and sports events

>ENCOURAGING CHANGES TO THE AU CONSTITUTION in order to give students (the major stakeholder in both teams and the university as a whole) more power to influence their own club and AU decisions.


>ON GOING COMMITTEE TRAINING SESSIONS throughout the sporting calendar with professional specialists (fundraising, big event promotion, ball/event planning etc). Bettering the individual for the benefit of clubs and themselves. These will allow individuals on committees to feel supported in major decisions, as well as giving them the chance to discuss in depth their beneficial experiences from acting as committee members in interview and on their CV.


>MASS PARTICIPATION, FREE 'EXPERIENCE' WORKSHOPS to allow students who have been disengaged from physical activity to get back involved, via large scale active lifestyle classes. Only the most 'pop' culture classes will do (Zumba, Boxercise etc) and allow people to feel like the attention is deflected from them by the large numbers of participants (60-80); thus feeling as though they can further their performance.

>WORK WITH THE HIGH PERFORMANCE CENTRE TO ENSURE MORE EVEN DISTRIBUTION OF SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME, thus meaning that the overall quality of athletes entering the university is heightened, not just in limited fields, and as a result the overall quality of performer will filter down through the system in categories (racket sports, physical contact sports, skill sports etc).

>ME PERFORMING FOR YOU THE STUDENTS- I attempt to go above and beyond the requirements of any job I undertake (Munrow Sports Centre, Presidency) and therefore this will be represented in the tireless effort I will invest in working for the Guild.

I'm More Than Freeman. Thankyou for reading.