Spouses of USAREC Support Page

*If you're trying to become a member of this group, we will be messaging you to make sure your spouse is a part of USAREC, check your "others" just incase ;) *

This is a support page for the spouses that have a husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend that is Active Duty or AGR in USAREC. If you need to vent or talk this is the place to go; just remember to support one another. We do our best to find the most accurate information in regards to your questions. We thrive on putting out accurate information and try to squash rumors. Always be aware of what you are posting in the group. This is social media and nothing is totally safe.

~There is a place to advertise, so if you aren't sure just ask.

~There are files that have been created to help understand USAREC, as well as classes we have given. Please check them out to help benefit you and/or your family.

~Do not post anything that can potentially jeopardize your husbands career or something that can get him "yelled at" in the work place. Send those in anonymously to one of the admins, please! We will post for you and keep you 100% anonymous!

~~~~~~Main rules~~~~~

1 – No name calling - Watch the cussing remember this is Facebook and words can be taken out of context at times so please be respectful.

2 – Do not take things to heart. ♥ We have to remember there are always going to be a difference in opinions.

3 – NO Politics and/or NO RELIGION ~ It is a great topic for some but that’s just a not something to bring here, this includes petitions.

4 - Contests: Members may share personal contests for voting such their child's picture for a contest etc. Only your child or an immediate family member please. They may also share contests that go towards a good cause like the Wounded Warrior Project etc. A member may make one post per contest only but may bump their post as many times as they'd like. Business contests still must only be posted under the business section of the page.

5 – If one of the Admins has to delete something we will privately message you why. We NEVER delete something unless it is inappropriate, someone is name calling, rank is being shown/said, or just being plan rude!

6 - Do not bring your spouses rank to the page. We are all proud for what our loved ones have accomplished but we supporting them in their career, not actually in their career.

7 - This is a place for spouses to support each other, do not feel running to any COC is necessary. Our goal is to help each other and be a strong Army family. If you can not handle that please leave the group :)