Random exercise alerts

This is a page for "Random exercise alerts" to motivate us less active people. Several exercises will be posted throughout the day. When a new exercise is posted,stop whatever you are doing and do that exercise, or you can do them later that day..JUST DO THEM. Even if you can only do 1/2, it's better than not doing anything at all. Feel free to add your friends and post short exercises for everyone to do.
Rules are pretty simple:
1. Don't be an ass. Be respectful & supportive. We are here to motivate each other.
2. You have to do whatever exercise you post - but really, you should be doing them ALL anyways. There's no reason to be a member of this page if you are not going to join in and do the exercises.
3. No SPAM, or sales of any kind are allowed, and will get you removed
Happy Sweating