Fans of Hendrick Motorsports

Welcome to Our Fans of Hendrick Motorsports!!! Our group is for Real Fans of Hendrick Racing!!! This group is for all the Drivers of Hendrick Motorsports and their Fans!!! Please feel free to post pics and anything to do with Hendrick racing!!!

Please Read The Rules As Follows!!!

1 You must have something on your profile letting us know you are a True Fan of NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports or you will not be added!!!
2 There will be no talk of any other drivers in this group at any time!!!
3 There will be no bashing allowed of any Hendrick Driver or any member allowed!!!
4 There will be no Advertising allowed of any kind!!!
5 You must show respect to everyone at all times!!!
6 Please no posts of any kind that starts Drama!!! If you do post it you will be removed and banned permanently!!!

The Administrators are!!!
1 Eric Myers , Creater and Head Admin
2 Georgia Alexander, Assisant Admin
3 Cheryl McGranahan, Admin

If you have a problem please contact either me or one of my Admins!!! Please do not bring it into our group!!!
Hope you have a great day and go Fans of Hendrick Motorsports!!!