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Hello My Name Is Trish and I Have Been a Certified Clinical Electrologist Since 1986.

Electrolysis is a Medically Approved Method of Permanent Hair Removal and is still the only method of permanent hair removal with over 120 years of proven results, safety and reliability.

Electrolysis holds out hope for everyone with an excess of unwanted hair.

The process destroys the hair root by using a short wave frequency administered by a Certified Clinical Electrologist inserting an ultra fine probe into the hair follicle.

Key Benefits

* Permanent Hair Removal for over 125 years...
* Can remove light hair...
* Can be done on any skin type.

Consultations Are Free

Consultations and Treatments Are Offered In The Privacy Of My Own Home.

If You Are Interested In A Free Consultation Please Contact Me At 403-529-2088

Your First treatment is 1/2 Price and I Complete Electrolysis on the Following Areas:

Upper & Lower Lip
Bikini Area