Essex County Jeep Club

This is a JEEP club not an offroading club. This club was started to connect all the jeep owners in the Essex County area. All Jeep are welcome. Doesnt matter if they are stock or heavily modified all are welcome. The jeep community is an awesome community and everyone is always there to help each other out. Whether its giving the new guys tips or tricks, helping some one out with a killer deal on that hard to find part, or going on a rescue mission to help someone who is broke down or stuck in a hole that was a little too deep for their Jeep to handle. There is a reason why we wave to complete strangers on the road and its because of the community and the passion we share for Jeeps.
Owning a jeep is a learning curve. I personally have learned alot while wrenching and wheeling my Jeeps. Everyone has to start at the bottom and get that itch that can only be scratched by a 4x4.
If you don't like what this club is about then you are welcome to leave it and join another. Cyber bullying and hating of people's vehicles will not be tolerated and anyone violating this will be removed from the group