NEW Huntington County Buy Sell Trade

NEW Huntington County Buy Sell Trade. Not responsible for items bought, sold, or traded. ANYONE ...who does not show up for item claimed or if item is not in condition as promised will be blocked from page. NO drama. You DO NOT have to add photos to an album. Just post straight to wall. Once items are for sure sold, DELETE the picture or at lease comment SOLD Please and Thank You! The site is run off a first come, first serve. You MUST comment first before private messaging, the first to comment any interest has first dibs. The order will follow depending on who comments next.
DO NOT skip over comments. If I comment that I am interested or if I comment with a question about your item, you MUST answer my question and allow my time to respond if I want, before you move to the next comment. Please be understanding that schedules differ. Not everyone can respond immediately. We ask you to give several hours before moving to the next interested party. If your item is posted on other sites you MUST state cross posted! If you do not want to hold your items, you MUST list no holds. This is however NOT an excuse to skip over comments, it simply means if arrangements can't be made to exchange in a timely matter, you are free to not hold. We also strongly discourage posts stating '1st with cash gets it' or 'best offer takes it’... this is not ebay, it's an easy way to cause problems so just state a price please and always try to describe your items with your posts. Selling via pm is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

Administrators: Arika Jane Gerringer, Cora Gerringer, Autumn Jean Gerringer, Andrea Gerringer-Rowe, and Charmaine Gray.

Please refer ANY problems or questions that you may have to any one of the administrators and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please be courteous of this. We all have different schedules and will get back with you as soon as we can. You may also tag us and state that you sent a pm due to FB liking to send messages to the” other” folder at times, and due to most admins being on our cell phones we may not know that you sent a message unless we are on a computer.

Good luck on selling your items and God Bless!!

FRIENDLY REMINDER this site is NOT a bidding site. You go in order of who comments interest/want. If the seller agrees to lower price and another buyer comments I'll give you asking price or more to get the seller to skip that person you will be removed. That is RUDE and NOT TOLERATED!!! We want fair and honest transactions between all parties involved. If you have any questions feel free to ask and please bump your pictures instead of loading the same picture 4, 5, 6 times. If you can't find your post someone can help you to tag or bump it.