Stephanie's Sensational Holiday Jam!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Stephanie's ONLINE Jamberry party! Shop in your pajamas, shop from your home, shop whenever you want - it's all online! My name is (place your name here) and I am your Jamberry Consultant. Stephanie loves this product and wanted to share Jamberry with you! We will play some games and do some giveaways over the next 10 days. Please take a minute to scroll down to see what has already been posted. A Jamberry manicure is less expensive than salon manicures! When you are ready to shop, click on the link below and you can shop on my site! Your order will ship to you right away - there is no need to wait for the party to close. Your order helps Stephanie get some awesome rewards! Oh, and don't forget- Jamberry wraps are Buy 3, Get 1 free! First guest to take advantage of the B3G1 offer will ALSO get a free sheet of accent nails from me!"
See the many beautiful and fun designs we have to offer through Stephanie's party link: