Jefferson County buy, sell, clothing and shoes

Hi I opened this group so I and everyone else can find clothing, shoes without looking at toys and tools and so on. Those sites are great but when I am searching just for clothing I want to have an easier way to go straight to those items. I'm just trying to save some time in stead of going through 1000's of post and 15 different sites. Just to look for a pair of pants for my son. That's everything but clothes. If you can wear it you can post it. . And you can post anything to do with Victoria Secret . Pink Huge Fan. If you need anything Myself

I am editing rules. even though they were simple looks like I need to add some new ones.
You can post anything that you can wear men, women's , kdis baby's clothing shoes. Makeup,accessories anything of that nature.

If you are interested in a time then write interested. Seller go in order. If you have had problems with a buyer in the last you do not have to sell to that person they write int.
Please give a buyer enough time to; give you a response before going on to the next.

If u write interested and set up a meet and don't go thru with it. That's a warning.

If you cancel and need to reschedule please give the other person a decent amount of a notice.
Up to seller if they are willing to reschedule.

Don't be a no show!!!

I'm not big on deleting people. Just show up LOL.

Keep Bumping please do not repost.

And no blocking admin

If you need anything please contact one of us
Thank You and lets have fun!!!!
Admin: Lisa Nelson
Admin: Matt Henson