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We warmly Welcome to you guys in this group Called ENGLISH MADE EASY. in this group you speak ONLY English and we all must abide by the following rules, if you don't do it , you might be deleted or blocked from our group.

(1) ONLY USE ENGLISH LANGUAGE: This is a group created only to help those people who need, like, or want to learn English, the only language allowed to communicate is ENGLISH.
(2) NO INVOLMENT OF YOUR NATIONALITY/RELIGION/POLITICAL/OR NY OTHER DISCRIMINATION IN TALK: it means that it is not allowed to talk about religion, nationalities etc, we think that it’s a disrespect once every one of the memerbes won’t belong to the same beliefs and it my lead to discussions and more discussions and this is not our aim.
(3) NO USE OF ABUSIVE/PORNOGRAPHY/HARRASMENT/HATRED/SPAM CONTENT:It is not allowed to post images which may perturb people’s susceptibility.
(4) No advertisement of other pages/groups/websites: Advertising other groups or pages is not well seen. If someone wants so advertise his/her page or group, he/she must talk to me first.
(5) RESPECT***Please respect each other and maintain wonderful and cheerful environment in the group.***
(6) RELIGION: We are not a religious group, our only aim is to learn, practice and share ENGLISH and we will only approve English Languages matters.
(7) LAST WARMING: as you were told before, if you didn’t abide by the rules, you will be deleted with no chance to be back
(8) HAVE FUN: Let’s share, learn and Practice together.