Etowah Upscale Exchange II

This is a 48 hour auction

1. Block one admin, and you will be banned.

2. Please post one item at a time with the f
*Item description
*SB=Starting Bid (REQUIRED) 'The least amount you are willing to take'
*Pick up location

3. BIN=Buy It Now (OPTIONAL) However, seller can add a BIN before any bids
have been placed.

4. No Albums. Single pictures only

5. Pickup Items within 48 hours, If not, seller has the right to offer to next
highest bidder, or re-list.

6. Item is sold to the highest bidder 48 hrs to the TS found under picture. (Ex: If
time under says 11:00:00, then the bidding doesn't end at 10:59:59, it ends at
11:00:59 before it turns 11:01:00.

7. If two people bid the same amount at the end of auction TS, it goes to the first

8. Do not retract your bid before contacting the seller prior to doing so.

9. This is your auction, and disputes should be handled in pm's. Don't interrupt the
rest of us.

10. The term 'bump' is used to bump items back to the top. If you've had recent
activity on your post, you do not need to bump. We don't have a limit on how
many times you can bump, we just ask that you be mindful of others.

11. Bids must be made in .50 increments. (Ex: .50, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50)
No penny bids.

12. If someone BIN's your item, that is the amount you MUST sell your item for. No
more, no less.

13. Absolutely, unequivocally no bidding in pm's. We ask if your item is listed on our
site, please don't have it listed on another site, as it isn't fair to our members
that are bidding on it, if it sells on the other sites.

14. No profanity. Not even with initial lingo.

15. When you meet for pick up, check item(s) on site. All items are sold as is. It is
your responsibility to check the items. Please don't pm an admin wanting us to
get your money back. This is between you and the seller.

16. You are responsible for deleting your own auctions. Not the admins. Failure to
do so will result in your name being added to the '5 items not deleted' list. See
'Files' under the profile banner.

17. No advertisements of a store, other pages, sales representatives, sales ads,
ads with links, etc. They will be deleted.

18. If you are suspected, or it appears that you are upping bids on a friends post,
or using a 'fake' profile you will be removed from the site.

19. No selling of animals. We will allow posting of free animals as long as it doesn't
get out of hand.

20. If you ask a question about an item, you are considered the first in line to
purchase that item. The seller will not skip your question, and sell to someone
else. However, pm'ing the seller doesn't save your spot, as this isn't fair to