Our Gypsy Family Caravan...:)

This is a( FREE) support group...created by traveling healthcare professionals ...for traveling healthcare professionals ...no recruiting ...we have a jobs page for that...... we are here to support our professional travel healthcare family..show each other respect and play nice.NO BULLYING OR THREATENING BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED>>>..this is not the place to promote business..it is a place we can network and help each other...have you ever felt alone as a traveller .....you are not alone now...we all have each other... If you would like to join our group , .. Please send a pm introducing yourself to me..( Carla Moore)..or Sherry Atwell or Jenn Sheppard. ..LINKS TO OTHER GROUPS MUST BE APPROVED BY AN ADMIN BEFORE BEING POSTED.. Thank you :)

If you want to post jobs or housing or see jobs or housing available..feel free to check out the caravan bulletin board.it is also a FREE..RESOURCE...https://www.facebook.com/groups/travelcaravanbulletinboard/