Pics For Pizzas

How it Works:


Members post tease pics... of what they have to offer, if you're interested in their nudes then you can buy them a pizza for the full pics. This can be done either by buying them a gift card for Domino's/Pizza Hut or wherever, sending them the money through PayPal or Venmo so they can order it themselves, or ordering direct to their house (not recommended as requires giving out home address).
Please try to get pizza delivered first then send nudes afterwards. Any person who doesn't come through on their side of the deal will be publicly blasted on this page and banned.

Please let an admin know of any successful trades that have gone through so we can add them to the trusted list.

Almost anything goes in Pics for Pizzas ( apart from:

No kiddie porn .
No blocking admins.
No reporting to Facebook, any problems just contact an admin.
No advertising groups unless approved by admin first.
No harassing members, i.e. unwanted pms, pictures, etc. unless you want to be named, shamed and trolled.
No whining.
Must be at least 18 years old. If you find someone underage report to Admin asap!!! We reserve the right to use your teaser pics for our Instagram page.

Most of all enjoy your time in Pics for Pizzas ( and have fun!