Augusta Girlfriend Garage Sale

Welcome to "Girlfriend Garage Sale" !!! Where it's FREE to sell! Do you have Great Home Decor to Sell? Maybe one of the GIRLFRIENDS would love to have it! Let's swap cool stuff girls! Whatcha got!? Quick Rules...Be Nice,Be Honest,Disclose if items are real or "faux", list condition, List Price and Location, Check out items BEFORE you buy, Be smart, Be Fair, if you wish to buy say "SOLD", if you want to be next in line say "NEXT". Be Polite and Save the drama for your Mama, No more than 12 posts per day. Only bump items 2-3 times per week to avoid "hogging the site." If items do not sell lower price or remove. Please remove posts after item is picked up. No ads please, only use site for selling. Have FUN!!!! Happy Shopping Girlfriends! NEWS TO KNOW!!!! -NO CLOTHING! -NO HOMEMADE CRAFTY ITEMS! NO TOYS OR BABY ITEM KNICK KNACKS -THE BEST WAY TO SELL SOMETHING IS TO DO YOUR BEST TO CONTACT THE FIRST INTERESTED PERSON. IF ATTEMPTS HAVE BEEN MADE, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO MOVE TO NEXT INTERSTED PARTY. THE TIME YOU ARE WIILLING TO WAIT IS UP TO YOU. (EACH SELLER HAS THE RIGHT TO WAIT OR MOVE ON) -IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN THE CSRA, OR ADMINISTRATOR CAN NOT VERIFY, YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS A MEMBER (OF COURSE I CAN NOT ALWAYS DETERMINE THIS FOR SURE, BUT I DO MY BEST) -BE HONEST, FAIR, AND KIND!!! UPDATE I hate to even have to say this, but it has been on my mind. Please be mindful of safety when you are buying or purchasing from someone you do not know. I would highly suggest that you meet in a neutral place, and NEVER alone. (Isn't this pathetic that this has to be addressed?) This is a public site and the screening process to join in somewhat limited. Use common sense and good judgment!