Widening the Thermal Solar Energy Exploitation by the Successful Models

The extent to which solar energy is used varies greatly throughout Europe. There are, for example, many more solar panels on the roofs of houses in Austria and Greece than in Italy and Bulgaria. The SEE-project “Wide the SEE by Succ Mod” aims to boost the market for solar energy in those countries which have not used the power of the sun much up till now.

The main goal of the project is to establish a transnational consortium to narrow the present gap that exists between SEE countries that use solar energy for warm water supplies on a widespread scale and those that do not. A framework should be set up to deal with local and regional regulations, resources and administrative and financial measures. This will be based on the experience and the successful model of implementation in those SEE countries that have considerable penetration in the market.

The project should improve the transfer of know-how and co-operation of the partners in order to:

* widen the use of Thermal Solar energy to cover the expected rise in energy demand (in line with Aol. 2.4 SEE programme area and obj. 3.1 NSFR)
* reduce the greenhouse gas emission (in line with Kyoto Protocol)
* create new employment´s opportunity from DHW (Domestic Hot Water) market enlargement (pursuing the Göteborg and Lisboa agendas objectives).

Project Partners:

Italy - Slovenia – Romania – Greece – Bulgaria – Hungary – Austria - Moldova Ukraine – Croatia - Former Yugolav Republic of Macedonia FYRoM